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Fortigate checks for Check_MK updated to 2.2.2

Hi there,

again there has been a bug in the OID in the check fortigate_sessions. Or maybe I didn’t create the package carefully enough. Anyway there is a new version 2.2.2 and it’s located as always on the check_mk exchange site. Please consider updating as soon as possible, because the version 2.2.1 collects wrong values.

Best regards

Hermann Maurer

Collect pnp4nagios data in Check_MK distributed environment


I hope you enjoy the great monitoring software Check_MK. If you have a big environment with lots of hosts and services distributed over dozen of sites (company locations) , you might have already configured your Check_MK to use the distributed monitoring in WATO. I assume that you have got a master and some slaves. The master in terms of Check_MK is the host, which you are using to configure your whole Check_MK installation and to look at all hosts and services, whilst slaves are those hosts that receive the configuration from the master and which the master gets the monitoring results from.  Distributed monitoring is an extremely nice and powerful feature of Check_MK that allows you to keep your configuration at one place and that takes care on distributing the changes on the configuration to the slaves. Also it’s very easy to connect a new slave to the master site.

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Статья Е.Гришковца: Я так думаю

Ссылка на статью, которая занимается конечно же, украинскими событиями, но не только. Сильный текст, показывающий, что такой чувствующий человек, как драматург Е.Гришковец мнгогое переживает внутри себя, со многим происходящим вокруг него не согласен, что его многое ранит. Далеко не все утверждения автора я я разделяю. Некоторые мысли у него заметно эмоциональны, вызваны, может быть, обидой. Но тем не менее меня подкупает искренность автора и его отчётливое понимание, что его собственные ощущения очень субъективны и личны, и что он не присваивает себе право на абсолютную правоту.

Эхо Москвы :: Я так думаю / Комментарии.

Fortigate checks for Check_MK updated to 2.2.1

I’ve just uploaded a new version of the check to Check_MK Exchange site. This is a bug fixing version, is doesn’t contain any new features.

The new version includes a minor bug fix in fortigate_sslvpn check. I corrected the OID used there to get the value of the active SSL VPN sessions. The old versions might show a wrong number of active sessions. Please update the package.

Reverse proxy timeouts with Check_MK

In some distributed environments and with a lot of configured users and connection to Microsoft active directory configured in Check_MK times to distribute the changes from the master to all slave sites grow up strongly. Check_MK distributed monitoring uses Apache web server acting as reverse proxy. Sometimes one of Apache web server’s instances doesn’t return data within a pre-defined time range. In such cases you can get the error like this while trying to replicate your slave with the master site:

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Prepare a Fortigate to configure high availability cluster

If you’ve got a fresh Fortigate and want to configure it as HA, you have to prepare something, because the factory-standard configuration doesn’t let you to enabled High Availability.

The preparation steps are as follows:

  • Remove DHCP server settings
  • Remove existing firewall policies
  • Set the interface mode for all interfaces to static, because pppoe and dhcp modes are not supported in a HA cluster environment
  • Set the hostname
  • Set the mode for interfaces to internal-switch-mode interface

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