Daily Archives: September 3, 2014

Reverse proxy timeouts with Check_MK

In some distributed environments and with a lot of configured users and connection to Microsoft active directory configured in Check_MK times to distribute the changes from the master to all slave sites grow up strongly. Check_MK distributed monitoring uses Apache web server acting as reverse proxy. Sometimes one of Apache web server’s instances doesn’t return data within a pre-defined time range. In such cases you can get the error¬†like this while trying to replicate your slave with the master site:

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Prepare a Fortigate to configure high availability cluster

If you’ve got a fresh Fortigate and want to configure it as HA, you have to prepare something, because the factory-standard configuration doesn’t let you to enabled High Availability.

The preparation steps are as follows:

  • Remove DHCP server settings
  • Remove existing firewall policies
  • Set the interface mode for all interfaces to static, because pppoe and dhcp modes are not supported in a HA cluster environment
  • Set the hostname
  • Set the mode for interfaces to¬†internal-switch-mode interface

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