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Migrate To AlmaLinux From CentOS 8 Using Almalinux-deploy Script

The article describes a way to move from Centos 8 to AlmaLinux. This is a hot topic because Centos 8 won’t be supported after December 2021 anymore.

Winter is Coming for CentOS 8

This article describes very good and deeply the problem with Centos 8 and also its evolution from the beginning to today, when everyone using Centos 8 should make (should have made!) thoughts about the future of his systems.

yum useful commands

To get a list of availale updates

yum -v check-update

To get a transaction list of last updates

yum -v history list

To get a list of changes during a transaction

yum history info <transactionID>

To remove obsolete kernel packages without questions

package-cleanup –oldkernels -y

Adding a new HDD to the existing VG

Sometimes you need to extend the existing volume group to be able to add free space to the logical volumes in there.

Look at this situation:

[root@localhost ~]# vgs data
 VG #PV #LV #SN Attr VSize VFree
 data 1 1 0 wz--n- 39.99g 0

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Extend a Logical Volume to 100% of Volume Group

To extend a logical volume (LV) named ´logs` to the whole space of the volume group (VG) named ´data` execute the following command:

# lvextend -l 100%VG /dev/data/logs