Exchange 2010 Mailbox Database Info Check for Check_MK updated

I’ve updated the check and built a new package. The package can be downloaded from Check_MK exchange site here. The new version has the number 1.4.

There are two changes regarding the agent’s side: the plugin call logic and the caching of results.

Please pay attention that there are two files at the client now, not only one. The command file “ex2010_mbdb_info.cmd” has to be copied in the sub-directory ‘plugins’ and the PowerShell file named “ex2010_mbdb_info.ps1” into the sub-directory ‘tools’ of the Check_MK client installation directory.

The new version caches results to reduce the execution time and to prevent higher CPU load in an environment with many databases. The old version asks for the data each time the plugin is called. In a default environment it happens every minute. This can cause higher CPU load of the Exchange server and affect the agent execution duration negatively. The new version creates a cache file to store the last results. If the cache file has become older than a pre-defined time period (by default 30 minutes), the plugin asks the Exchange server for new data, sends the new output to the agent and writes it into the cache file. The next time the plugin would read the result from the file. This operation is much faster than asking the Exchange server for live data. You can change the cache time parameter in the file “ex2010_mbdb_info.ps1” directly by modifying the value of the variable $TimeDiff.

As usual don’t hesitate to ask me, if you should have faced any troubles while installing the new check version or if you have a phenomenon.

As usual the plugin is provided AS IS, that means with NO WARRANTY that the software doesn’t contain any errors. Use it at your own risk.

12 thoughts on “Exchange 2010 Mailbox Database Info Check for Check_MK updated

  1. brainstocker

    Plugin Output: UNKNOWN – invalid output from agent, invalid check parameters or error in implementation of check Ex2010_MBDB_Info. Please enable “Log exceptions in check plugins” for further information.
    Any Ideas?

  2. Hermann Maurer

    No ideas so far. But you could provide more details about the Exchange server version, CMK server and agent versions and plugin version you are using.
    And the output of check_mk_agent.exe test, executed on the Exchange server directly, could be very helpful.

  3. Joerg

    Nice PlugIn! But it cannot handle DAGs. What a shame. I get the error “Ex2010_MBDB_Info | Mailbox |MailBoxDB Mailbox| UNKNOWN – invalid output from agent or error in check implementation”

    1. Hermann Maurer Post author

      I cannot confirm this, because the plugin runs against a DAG without any problems in my company’s environment. Do you probably encounter some other issues? Can you run the agent on the appropriate server directly to see the output and to understand, what can be the reason for the error?
      Please have a look to this article: and especially to the comment beginning with the line “Script with Modification for DAG”.

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  5. Adrian

    Is there a walkthrough for people new to Check-MK / Nagios style monitoring? I’m not 100% on how to get this installed and working..

    1. Hermann Maurer Post author

      In fact you don’t need to learn anymore, how Nagios works.
      I suggest you to have a look at the official web site of Check_MK project.
      And I recommend to read this documentation.

    1. Hermann Maurer Post author

      I really don’t know! I haven’t been maintaining this plugin since a long time.
      You may want to make a try.

  6. Rafa

    Hello, I have installed the mkp file with cmk -vP install, and it seems is installed perfectly. But doesn’t have manpage, but anyway… The problem is when I do discovery on exchange server, only show one Mailbox DB, and I have a lot… why only show once?

    thank you.

  7. Rafa

    Hi, the ps1 does not work. It shows all databaes with _ _ and the check_mk does not know what do with the information. With older version ps1, the 1.3, only can give me the first mailbox. what can I do? thanks.

  8. Rafa

    Hi, Into the file Ex2010_MBDB_Info, when arrive the data it seems all ok, but when arrive to return (0,…) the function close, and then, only show one mailbox, because, the „for“ before, can’t continure for the „return (0, output, perfdata)“

    what can I do, for the syntaxis for continues?



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