Retain changes in Netscaler 10.5 after reboot

If you have to do with Citrix Netscaler 10.5, you might have needed to change something on the installation, for example customize the layout of the authentication page. If you don’t take care a special way, your change will disappear after the next cold reboot of Citrix Netscaler.

Citrx KB recommends to add commands you need to be executed after the start up has completed to the file /nsconfig/rc.netscaler.

If you created your own version of the home page for the VPN portal and stored it under /var/customizations/homepage.html, the appropriate command lines in the file could look like this:

cd /netscaler/portal/templates 
mv homepage.html homepage.html.orig 
ln -s /var/customizations/homepage-modified.html homepage.html

In case of a HA environment: Modify the file /nsconfig/rc.netscaler on the primary node first! The modified file will be replicated to the secondary node automatically.

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