Fortigate checks for Check_MK updated to 2.2.3

Hi there,

I’ve updated the package to the version 2.2.3. Please consider updating to the new version some time. The change concerns only the check fortigate_ipsec and corrects a bug, that can cause an issue, when a IPSec tunnel doesn’t exist anymore. In this case the check can disturb the execution of other checks and make it not possible to re-execute the inventory.

The new version 2.2.3 is located as always on the check_mk exchange site.

Best regards

Hermann Maurer

3 thoughts on “Fortigate checks for Check_MK updated to 2.2.3

  1. Hermann Maurer Post author

    From my point of view the check works without any problems under 1.2.6. So I am not going to update it.
    Or have you faced an issue? Can you tell me more details?

    1. Sergey


      Previously I tested with 1.2.6 beta X and Check_MK complained about duplicate check names, but yesterday I tried update to the stable 1.2.6, and upgrade went without any issues. So, I see that update is not necessary



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